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Every business needs a website these days and I'm here to help you get that done.

My name is Linda Riddle and I have been designing websites for a few years now starting with my own website and blog Blossomingwidow.com.

I know how busy you are and the last thing you need to be doing is worrying about designing your own. You have more important things to focus on!

I'm very affordable compared to other website designers and you can check out my pricing packages here.

Team up with me, someone who cares about you and your business. Your success is my success!

Why Choose Web Initiator?

Because you'll get a Beautifully Designed website with a whole lot more...

Once I finish designing your website and hand you over to your hosting company, this is what you get....

  • You get an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security certificate, which Google wants you to have or they will penalize you without one. You can tell when a website has an SSL certificate when you see a padlock at the beginning of the URL. That means a person can have confidence in safely visiting your website. If you want to rank on Google, you need this!

  • You get Amazon Cloud Hosting. It uses the technology called cloud computing on Amazon, which means, you will get a highly powerful, reliable and scalable infrastructure you can count on.

  • You get unlimited storage and bandwidth...And just so you know, this is huge!

  • Your website will be mobile and tablet responsive...This is very important as most of your traffic will come from mobile devices.

  • You get free analytics. You can see how many people are visiting your website at the click of a button. Plus, you'll know where they are coming from, whether it's from Facebook, Pinterest, an organic search, or wherever you choose to promote it at.

NOTE: All the features above are for Bookmark hosted websites only.



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(Make it your own for $250 lifetime plan or $20 a month)

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(Make it your own for $250 lifetime plan or $20 a month)

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What My Clients Have to Say

Antoinette Meyers

Thank you very much, Linda Edwards, for your professionalism and creativity helping my company design a webpage. Your guidance and hard work has help me build a customized website that highlights our tutoring services. Your responsiveness to our marketing needs has made it easy to works with you on this project.

Owner and Lead Teacher Extended School Tutoring

David Gillespie
Amazing Service, Amazing website!
Fiesta Filipina
Awesome job on the Corona, Rita Ranch and Vail directory. I will be using her services in early 2019 for my website.
Kimberlie Faybik
Linda creates stunning websites! The dedication, effort, and attention to every detail results in an attractive, easy to use website.
Jessica Harris
Linda is very professional, patient and skilled in web initiation. She did a fabulous job creating a business directory and I would utilize her services as well as recommend her to others in the future!
Beata Bruno
Professional, skilled and simply amazing!

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